Brat Diet

The BRAT diet is a kind of diet prescribed to patients having gastrointestinal troubles, such as gastroenteritis, nausea, dyspepsia or diarrhea. The characteristics of the BRAT diet include the easy digestion foods, and it does not contain oil, which makes it stomach-friendly. It is also low in fiber as contrary to a high fiber foods that make the stomach work hard in digesting, which may cause gas build up, thus worsening the condition of the stomach. Banana, rice, applesauce and toast is the acronym of BRAT. Other BRAT foods include yogurt and tea.

Doctors often recommend the BRAT diet for patients with diarrhea; it is to be taken along with lots of fluids to prevent dehydration. A normal diet that is high in fiber, calories, and protein should always be avoided if suffering from diarrhea, along with fats and sugar rich foods. The BRAT diet works well for the stomach if taken as part of a normal diet.

Our stomach and our body for that matter has a built in natural immune system, and diarrhea is part of the immune system whereby dispelling toxins out from the body by means of a loose bowel movement. An upset stomach may have incurred toxins from unwanted foods, or maybe too much oil and fat intake causes the diarrhea. The logic of the BRAT diet is to return the intake of our stomach to its "compatible" foods.

Misconceptions on Diarrhea

There are many misconceptions regarding the treatment of diarrhea. When our body works to expel toxins, it will cause diarrhea to occur, and along with it is the excessive loss of body fluids. These body fluids contain beneficial amounts of salt and electrolytes, and it has ions that are found in cells and blood that is important for the body. Parents usually give their child Pedialyte or oral hydration solutions in thinking that it would cure diarrhea. Pedialyte is not a cure for diarrhea, as it could not kill even a single bacterium which causes the stomach disorder, and instead it only helps prevent dehydration among the patients suffering from stomach troubles. Avoid giving your child just Pedialyte during diarrhea. Along with the BRAT diet, the chances of full recovery from diarrhea is high.


For diarrhea, it is best to avoid your regular foods, as your stomach is in the state wherein it is in poor health, and digesting for it is strenuous work. Besides, certain foods may aggravate your stomach and make your condition worse. Foods such as dairy products, sweets, alcohol, fatty foods, and those that are high in fiber should be avoided. Drink lots of fluids, but avoid drinks that are too cold or hot. Room temperature water may be taken, and sipping is the best way to do it. Two cups of water is necessary every hour to avoid dehydration.

Slowly introduce the BRAT diet, and eat only in moderation and do not stuff your stomach, as it may still be weak and cannot tolerate large amounts of food by this time. You can also support your diet with Oral Re-hydration Solution or Pedialyte. It replenishes lost salts and electrolytes of the body due to diarrhea.

Usually diarrhea is a self-limiting sickness. Just like the cold, our body has an immune system that is always working round the clock, and diarrhea is one of its ways of protecting the body, as it expels toxins out, but if diarrhea lasts longer and is accompanied by vomiting, immediate medical attention should be considered.